These are free bookmarks are part of my Let's Talk About It unit, where students learn how to have meaningful text conversations. You can read a review of my unit on my friend Creativity to the Core's blog -- Click HERE!

This freebie includes two sets of domino game cards (2-digit version & 3-digit version). Students solve a problem where they must add multiples of ten and find the match to continue the train of dominoes! This is part of my Addition Strategy Squad!

Introducing Multiplication posters! These are part of my entire unit: Introducing Multiplication with Arrays, Repeated Addition, & Equal Groups.

 In my Shoveling Sums freebie, students use a dry erase marker to fill in the ten frame and write how many more mugs of cocoa are needed to make ten. This is part of my Snowy Ten Frame Fun unit (filled with write/wipe off activities)!

Synonym Slam is one of my favorite games and students LOVE playing it! If your students enjoy this game, I've also created Grade One Sight Word Slam, Grade Two Sight Word SlamAntonym Slam, Homophones Slam, and Contraction Slam!

Free Teacher Toolbox Labels -- I can't tell you how much I LOVE my teacher toolbox! 
 Point of View Posters & Activity

Class Pet freebies -- I have an entire product devoted to having a NO HASSLE Class Pet! You can check out my post, along with the freebie, over at the Primary Pack: Click Here!

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