Friday, May 31, 2019

Quick Ideas for Spiral Review Math Warm Ups

With busy classroom schedules, it can be extremely difficult to fit in continuous practice of all of the math standards. Have you ever taught a certain skill in September and then didn't review it or go over it again until April? So frustrating!
Oftentimes I feel like scripted math curriculum or district pacing guides do that to us. They require us to teach something at the beginning of the year and then we never review it again! Don't they know kids need repetition and exposure of these skills for mastery?

Let me show you what I came up with to help spiral math content for the year during quick math warm ups at the beginning of my math block.

I always love a good theme, so I started by theming the days for each month. I called Mondays "Money Monday" and Tuesdays "Telling Time Tuesday"... I know, cheesy, BUT it helped give me an idea of what skill/standard I needed to review with my students each day. I sat down and mapped out this Skills & Standards At a Glance page (free download at the end of this post) to help me make sure I was hitting every standard. 
So when it came time to start math, I would begin with a super quick spiral review. I'm talking 3-5 minutes. Many days I would simply write a problem or question on the board and we would spend 3-5 minutes quickly reviewing it, solving it, and talking about strategies to solve it. Other days we'd review an old anchor chart. Sometimes I'd pass out a sticky note and students would take a minute to solve a problem and they'd bring their sticky note to the carpet to share. Quick, targeted spiral review!

I ended up deciding that I could really use a printable page to work on these spiraling skills, so I made some for the year. You can have students do a little bit each day, or you can use it as a quick formative assessment at the end of the week. Right now I only have 2nd grade because that's what I needed for my classroom, but I'm working on some for my 1st grade teachers, too! 
They are simple and only one page for the week! The include the themed days, standards, word problems, and quick problem(s) for your students to solve each day!

You can get a free, one-week sample of the warm ups below, and I've also included my 2nd Grade Skills At a Glance page for those of you that just need cheat sheet for hitting all of the standards!

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