Saturday, January 28, 2017

February Favorites

I LOVE celebrating Valentine's Day in the classroom. Even though February is a short month, it can feel quite long! Today I want to show you some of my favorite ideas and goodies from Oriental Trading to make your February awesome!

My kids are OBSESSED with our new Valentine Spinner! I set it up while my kiddos were at specials one day, and they came back and had all sorts of questions! I left them hanging for a few days before I finally one friend give it a big spin.
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We have a jar of gems (drops in the bucket) that we use as a whole class incentive. Many times I'll just call on a friend to go put a certain number of drops in the bucket, but now... we SPIN THE WHEEL to figure out how many drops to put in the bucket! We go all out with drum rolls and cheering -- the kids LOVE it! I'm thinking of making it into a math center, too. The possibilities are endless!

I'm also excited to make these adorable Owl Valentine Card Holders! They come in easy, sticker foam kits for the kids to put together. I think they're perfect for 1st-3rd graders! Oriental Trading also has a ton of other card holders besides owls like sharks and unicorns and puppies! I mean... HOW CUTE!?!?! You can find even more crafts here!
My final set of goodies I received are these adorable Valentine ID badge holders! I got enough for each of my kiddos to have one, and I think I'm going to make a little card to put in them that says, "My teachers loves me!" or something equally as cute. Who knows?! There are so many possibilities!

What are your favorites for February? Check out Oriental Trading's Valentine page for all of the goodies shown here!

*I was provided these products from Oriental Trading for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are mine.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Transition Superstars

Do you ever feel like it takes your kids FIVE BILLION YEARS to clean up and transition to whatever is next on your agenda? This year, my class is having the hardest time!

They've really been struggling with transitions when we're cleaning up math and literacy centers. Usually we have choice time during the last 15 minutes of our Fridays, but last week... NOPE. My class "cleaned up" math centers for their entire choice time. Natural consequences? I guess so. But I knew I HAD to implement something a bit more intensive for this little group.

I always call my kids my SUPERSTARS whenever I catch them doing something awesome (even the little things). When we've had class meetings to discuss how to effectively transition, I've had to tell my kids that I know they CAN BE superstars, but they don't always show it. So last night I decided that I wanted them to show me that they can be TRANSITION SUPERSTARS!
It's pretty simple. I made cards for every letter in Transition Superstars. That's 20 total letters, but considering how many transitions we have in a school day, we can earn multiple letters in just one day. I also set a timer on the board for transitions so that students know exactly when I expect them to be finished. Once we spell it all out, we will earn an extra 15 minutes of recess or choice time.

That's it. Nothing too crazy, but a simple incentive to help us. Download your free copy by clicking the picture below!