Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spring is Coming!

Friends! Spring is on its way! And honestly, I'm soooo ready!

We've had too many dreary days, and I'm just ready for some beautiful sunshine and 60 degree weather here in Indy!

As I've been getting super excited for warm weather, I just finished my *differentiated* Spring center pack, and I am in L-O-V-E with this telling time game board! The game is played quite simply! Students place a stack of clock cards face down in the middle of the playing area. On their turn, they choose a clock card, read the time, and move on the board to the next space that matches their card.

In this picture, the clock card shows one bee, so students would move to the next bee. I've included differentiated clock cards, so you can give students only the cards of whatever you're working on (time to the hour, half hour, or five minutes). Everyone plays with the same game board, so groups will never know the difference!

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If you'd like to check out more of my Spring centers, you can find them by clicking on the picture below!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Winter Blog Hop & Giveaway

I am SOOO excited to be linking up with some of my favorite bloggers for our Winter Fun Blog Hop & Giveaway. BONUS: You walk away with a FREE e-Book full of winter printable goodies!
I'm going to share with you one super quick, hands-on activity that is PERFECT for your second graders. You can make it work this winter OR save it for the spring! It's all about... ARRAYS!

My students sometimes struggle with the foundations for multiplication. They want to dive right in to that multiplication sign because it's BIG KID STUFF. However, it is SO important that they understand the foundations first! What better way to do that than through FOOD and STICKERS!
After teaching about rows & columns with repeated addition, I love to let my students get busy constructing their own arrays. I gave my students the number 20 to start with, and they used Froot Loops to build as many different arrays as they could come up with.
This is also a great time to pull out all of those tiny sticker sheets you have and let students make arrays with them! Whether you have snowflake stickers to use this winter or ladybug stickers to use in the spring, students will LOVE this hands-on learning!

If you're in need of more arrays and repeated addition activities, you can check out my Introducing Multiplication unit HERE.

Now for the giveaway fun!
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