Sunday, February 1, 2015

Score Big, Super Sale!

I'm linking up with a bunch one of my wonderful Primary Pack friends Ashley over at One Sharp Bunch for a 20% sale today and tomorrow! Now, I'm not a huge football fan, BUT I grew up in Indianapolis. Naturally, every Colts fan simply cannot root for the Patriots. Never. Not going to happen. So today I'll be cheering on the Seahawks, but I'm most looking forward to the commercials... and the food. I love an evening of munching on appetizer dips and treats.
Anyway, I thought I'd take a quick post to share with you some of the best sales going on in my store that could be perfect for kiddos this winter! And don't worry, I'm sharing with you resources that are NOT seasonal, so you can use them whenever your kiddos are ready!

My 2nd grade kiddos are working on 2-3 digit addition and subtraction, so I've created some fun CandyLand type games for them to play. You can snag these for only $1.20 each! 
Click on the pictures of each product for links to my shop.
The Addition and Subtraction Fact Factory games are perfect for first grade kiddos (not to mention always great practice for second graders). These are also $1.20! 
If you want to save extra, I've created a discounted BUNDLE of all four games.

The last few items I wanted to share with you are my LIFESAVERS. Seriously, they're simple CCSS formative assessment exit tickets for 2nd grade. They align with EVERY 2nd grade Common Core math standard. I've created them 4 to a page so they're simple, quick, and you can grade them in a flash. They'll give you great data on where your kiddos are at!
Click on the pictures of each product for the links to my shop.
And of course I BUNDLED them as well. This is the BEST deal to grab all of these assessments!

Alright now I'm off to do a bit of baking before the game! Enjoy the sales my friends! You can also check out a ton of other sellers who are having Superbowl Sunday sales! 

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