Friday, July 18, 2014

Five For Friday

I'm so excited to be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my very first Five For Friday!!!

Here's a little peek at my week!
At the beginning of the week I went to the Dollar Tree and snatched up these reusable lunch containers. They are absolutely PERFECT for organizing base 10 blocks! I have 5 tables of kiddos in my room, so I ended up purchasing 10 containers that way each table can share two during a lesson. I am loving this organization. It's going to make using these so much easier! 

My husband and I live in downtown Lexington and decided to walk to dinner one night this week. The weather has been amazing - 70 degrees and NO humidity... in mid-July!! Anyway, we walked to this cute little restaurant and decided to eat outside. After sitting down and looking at our menus for about a minute, we looked over and realized about a hundred yards away was a community yoga & meditation class! We had a good laugh... and then proceeded to Google when the next one was happening (maybe we'll go)!
My school is currently undergoing renovation, which is super exciting! We've been waiting forever for this to happen! Our 3rd-5th grade classrooms will be in another building close by for the year, and 1st and 2nd (that's me) will be in the half of the building that isn't undergoing renovation yet. Over Christmas break 1st and 2nd grade classrooms will get to move into our new rooms. Yippee!! I've gone in to school a few times, and it's one hot mess. Literally, it's so stinkin' hot in our building. Here's the library and our primary playground. 
I spent another date night out with my favorite person this week. We walked to the center of downtown where they were playing 80s music. Great company, good drinks, and delicious pizza were all enjoyed. :)
As most of you reading this know, I am a new blogger. I started my TPT shop about 7 months ago, but the blogging has just finally gotten started. While working at Starbucks this week I created by own new blog button. I haven't invested in purchasing a blog design yet, but I hope to soon! For now, here's my blog button... and I actually kind of love it! 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the base 10 containers. I am going to have to look for those!

  2. Love the Dollar Tree idea! That is one of my favorite stores to get school items. You're new button is fabulous! By the way, I'm new to blogging, too and also hoping to open up a TPT store sometime in the Fall. I've made a few things so far. Any TPT tips? ;)

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  3. Welcome to the linky! I just did my first one a few weeks ago. It's so fun to get to connect with like-minded people across the U.S.! Note to self: hit up Dollar Tree for containers. And congratulations on your school renovation. Mine is currently being built (hopefully it's finished in two weeks... yikes!), and I know what an exciting feeling it is to get ready for a new adventure.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer :)

    <a href=">Going Places in Fourth Grade</a>

  4. I love your button too! It is so cute! Good luck at your new school!


  5. Those containers are PERFECT for base ten blocks! I'm going to have to check out the dollar store. They'd probably make my life so much easier since my little ones have a hard time taking these out.

    Stacy (new follower)
    Second Grade Sweetie Pies

  6. I love the simplicity of your blog design. I would just go with it for awhile :)

  7. Your Dollar Tree is a goldmine! Mine doesn't have those! What a genius idea! I love it!!